Recruits wanted!

If you enjoy history, camping out, and good times with good friends, the Third Maryland just may be right for you!

We invite you to come out and experience Civil War Reenacting for a day with one of the most experienced groups in the hobby. We will outfit you for a day so you can march, drill, and even fire a reproduction Civil War rifle.

To get started, please contact our unit Vice President, James Thomas at to answer any questions you may have regarding the Third.

Unit Leadership:

President, Ron Angleberger

Vice President, James Thomas

Treasurer, Jon Psotka

Quartermaster, George Craven

Secretary, James Snyder

Field Command:

Captain, James Thomas

Lieutenant, Timothy App

Sergeant, David Bloom

Corporal, Matthew Borders

Corporal, George Craven  

Below is a list of sutlers that we recommend for purchasing reenactor gear.

General Items:

C&D Jarnigan

CJ Daley

Fall Creek Sutlery

Regimental Quartermaster 

Specialty Items:

Dell's Leather Works

Dirty Billy's Sutlery

Village Tinsmithing

Zimmerman Gunsmith